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defi - Decentralized Finance

i18n - Internationalization

An attempt at bringing Decentralized Finance to everyone.

What is it

A collection of translation strings that you can use freely on your project or dapp so that more people can be exposed to the world of Ethereum and Decentralized Finance.

How to use

Code is available at

To install on a node project:

yarn add defi18n // or npm i defi18n

// require the strings according to your locale
const locale = 'en' // there's 'en', 'es', 'fr, and 'id'
const messages = require(`defi18n/${locale}/general.json`)

Or copy what you need from the en, es, fr, and id folders (more to come I hope!)

Use your favorite i18n tool to manage the translation strings.

Currently there’s English, Spanish, French, and Indonesian files for:

While defi18n will never rival a professional translation service, my hope is it can provide a good enough starting point for small teams and solo devs.

Help me translate!

Submit PRs if you can translate one of the files to a different language, or can add a new category.


This project is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 License, which is about as permissive as you can get.

Created by Mariano Conti @nanexcool